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  • Je débarque un peu 👼 , je n’avais pas encore “remarqué” cette activité 😊 .

    Ce qui m’intéresse, c’est que je vois que ça a lieu tous les vendredis soirs, toutes les deux semaines, et que le format indique une activité sur 3 heures maximum.

    Ce n’est pas une compétition, mais pour le coup, ça me dit bien à l’occasion d’aller y faire un tour.

    Présentation sur les forums Eagle Dynamics


    Mission Pitch:

    Armed conflict on all DCS WORLD theaters of operation, with the restriction of a specific historical period for each (1944, 1976, 1987, 1998, 2010). Maps with planes and ammunition in limited quantities to balance playable aircrafts types and armament types. With a cost-effective system, players will have to pay attention to their expenses, use resource management strategies and available devices. The economic system also creates the opportunity to create sub-objectives for Team Leader, such as capturing an airport to increase available resources and advance the physical front of the battle, or destroy sub-targets (fuel, ammunition etc.), that will decrease the economy and enemy logistics.
    The goal of the game is to accomplish 2 Strategic Objective to win. To achieve this, Team Leaders and Tactical Commanders will be assigned tasks and sub-objectives to their subordinates. The mission promotes team play and coordination, so that squadrons and teams can express their talents. A player alone will, also have his role to play, because every vehicle, plane and destroyed enemy ship will help a little more a coalition to approach the victory.
    Maps are completely random, with each new game. The units are placed with a logical and realistic insertion system. All units are present, you have absolutely everything, which will allow you to leave for any type of mission (Gunner of enemy infantry for helicopters, bomb reinforced buildings like bunkers, coordination with JTAC, reconnaissance, etc. … )!

    Type: Players Vs Players.
    Overall difficulty level: Difficult.
    Playable aircraft available: Depending on the period and country on the maps!
    Estimated duration of the mission: 2 hours.
    Maximum duration of the mission: 3 hours.

    Creators of Maps:

    The Map is created by Satarosa and several military experts in various fields, as well as other testers and advisers, to reproduce as accurately as possible a real situation of war in the simulation game, with immersion and military and historical realism that implies.

    Where and when ?

    The International and Intercommunity event takes place every two weeks. A post on the official DCS WORLD forum announces the pre-briefing of each mission.
    Heading: https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=106
    A vocal chat (discord) is made available to the community, for those who want to participate in events and training.
    Voice Chat: https://discord.gg/UGa3KMe


  • Membre VEAF

    Ça a l’air bien sur le papier, mais je me méfie de ce genre de trucs. En plus moi j’ai des mods (touches programmées, des trucs comme ça) dont je ne peux pas passer (sinon faut que je reconfigure tous mes contrôles et j’ai pas envie).
    Du coup, sans moi !

  • Je sais bien @Zip , c’est dommage 😞 . Mais en PvP c’est normal de voir imposée une version sans mods, sinon c’est la porte ouverte à toutes les triches qui ruinent forcément l’expérience.
    Il en faut pour tout le monde 🙂

  • Moi ça me branche beaucoup ce genre d’événement. Ce sont mes dispos qui vont me “poser problème”

  • On est un peu pareils 😊 .
    On verra au fil de l’eau. Quand je vois une opportunité je m’inscris et je le partage ici. Et puis on verra bien si on s’y retrouve 🙂 .