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  • Une nouvelle compétition BFM guns only 1v1 en F-15C est organisée par le 104th Phoenix, les 14 et 15 mars prochains.

    Sujet officiel pour inscription sur les forums Eagle Dynamics

    Screenshot by 104th_Fallen


    Golden Eagle

    BFM 1 vs 1

    Guns Only PvP Competition

    Sponsored by Wild Weasel Apparel

    104th Phoenix in association with Wild Weasel Apparel proudly present our F-15C 1 vs 1 Guns Only PvP event.

    Date: 14th and 15th of March
    Time: 20:00z
    Format: Best of 3
    Aircraft: F-15C Eagle
    Map: Caucasus

    What is it?

    Top Gun - Golden Eagle is a 1 vs 1 Guns only event for the F-15C Eagle featuring prizes supplied Wild Weasel Apparel.

    The event will take place over two days with the qualifying rounds on the 14th of March and the finals on the 15th.


    • Aircraft air-start clean with 90% internal fuel.
    • Starting altitude will be 5000ft at 450kts.
    • Aircraft MUST MERGE WINGS LEVEL at the starting altitude
    • Separation will be 10nm.
    • Fuel Dumping is allowed.
    • No firing before the merge.
    • Pre merge manoeuvring is allowed.
    • Both aircraft must fly towards each other for the merge, no running away pre merge for fuel tactics.
    • Both aircraft must stay inside a 15nm ‘bubble’.
    • Last aircraft alive wins, there is no landing requirement.
    • The first aircraft to RUN OUT of fuel loses! #glidegate
    • All participants must be on the 104th Teamspeak Server prior to their match start.

    *Disclaimer - Rules are subject to change, players will get a full rules brief before each match.


    Wild Weasel Apparel are donating prizes to the top 3 winners!

    1st Place :
    3 T-shirts

    2nd Place :
    2 T-shirts

    3rd Place :
    1 T-shirt.

    Sign Up

    To register simply post in this thread with your details as follows

    Name: 104th_Maverick
    Squadron (if any): 104th_Phoenix
    Country: Scotland


    The event will be streamed live on both days by myself at the link below!

    Twitch 104th_Maverick

    104th_Maverick Twitch

    Event Schedule

    Saturday 14th March.
    19:00 Zulu - Teamspeak rooms open on 104th.
    19:45 Zulu - Event briefing starts.
    20:00 Zulu - Event Starts.



    Disclaimer about the Merge protocol

    We know this is not going to be popular with everyone, there are some purist out there that believe the fight starts before the merge, and while that is 100% true while flying online in a PvP environment, it is not how they train 1 vs 1 guns only in real life.

    We are not simulating a combat situation in this event and as such we want to try and mirror the real world protocol a bit more, however that being said we are not going to introduce a ‘bubble’ around each aircraft that cannot be entered simply because no ones real life is at risk.

    So how will the merge work?

    Both pilots are able to manoeuvre as much as they want before the merge however you must pass your opponent at 5000ft wings level, the fight starts after the 3/9 line is passed.
    A pilot who does not meet the merge criteria will force the round to be restarted.
    There is no speed restriction at the merge.

    Why are you doing this?

    • Its more realistic.
    • We are going to have real fighter pilots join us for commentary on some of these events and we want to showcase a more realistic fight rather than two bro’s flying towards each other at 15ft off the ground trying to get an angle advantage.
    • It stops one pilot having an advantage over the other before the fight even starts.

  • Je vais rejet un oeil au F-15C 😊 .

  • Membre VEAF

    Tu vas être déçu : simple flight model™

  • A voir. Je ne suis pas si regardant que ça 😉 , c’est juste du combat canon et tout le monde joue avec le même avion, alors…

  • Mes premiers essais sur le F-15C ne sont guère encourageants. Il n’est pas du tout agréable à piloter en dogfight… 😅
    Je passe mon tour 😛

  • Membre VEAF

    @Zip a dit dans Top Gun - Golden Eagle - BFM Competition :

    Tu vas être déçu : simple flight model™


  • C’est balo que ce soit simplifié et pas agréable… on a vu mieux en simu… 😞

  • Membre VEAF

    C’est de la simu « light ».
    Dans DCS il y a trois niveaux d’accès :

    • en mode arcade tout est facile (genre Ace Combat)
    • en mode normal, les avions SFM (tous ceux de FC3) sont moyennement compliqués (petite simu)
    • les « study sims » sont complexes et nécessitent des heures d’entraînement

  • Certes, mais c’est pas tellement une question de complexité du modèle, c’est une question de rendu, sensation, agréable, pas agréable… tu peux très bien avoir un FM très simplifié mais très agréable à utiliser 🙂 .
    Bon là en l’occurrence… pour moi (chacun ses goûts), c’est raté 😊 .