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  • Membre VEAF

    C’est une mission instantanée du Mi-24P que j’ai éditée afin qu’on ait 4 Hind, pour former 2 patrouilles et ne pas laisser une minute de répit aux ennemis.
    Elle n’est pas facile, tout seul on n’y arrive pas.
    C’est pour 2 à 4 Mi-24P Hind, expérimentés.
    On peut donc être jusqu’à 8 si on laisse Petrovitch au mess ^^

    J’ai injecté les scripts VEAF, on devrait pouvoir faire un peu ce qu’on veut.

    Prérequis :

    • savoir manoeuvrer son Mi-24
    • savoir utiliser les armes (S8, MG30, ATGM)
    • savoir engager en respectant les communications et les instructions du lead

    Voir le calendrier ici.


    • T+0 : démarrage et préparation des appareils
    • T+10’ : le train débarque les Buk et les APC se mettent en route
    • T+?? : destruction des Buk, des APC et des manpads
    • T+?? + 6’ : arrivée des blindés sur le pont

    SITAC (en anglais, voir Reverso)


    The “Inguri River Dispute” between Georgia and Abkhazia has reached a flashpoint. Following the withdrawal of Russian Peacekeeping Forces from the border last year, violent incidents have increased. Abkhaz-supported insurgents operating in the Zugdidi area are responsible for these hostile acts. The insurgency has called for a partitioned Zugdidi, divided roughly in half at the Chkhoushi river; Abkhaz nationals to control the northwestern half and Georgia to retain sovereignty over the rest of the city.

    Tbilisi has responded by reopening a Soviet-era military facility in Zugdidi and is using it as a base for counter-insurgency (COIN) operations. In addition to special COIN troops, light armor, and helicopter air-mobility support, a pair of Mi-24P helicopter gunships has been deployed to “Zugdidi Base”.

    Sukhumi has denounced these deployments and declared that the area around Zugdidi should be a No Fly Zone (NFZ), stating that “Abkhaz armed forces are prepared to impose this NFZ!”

    Since yesterday, Intelligence, supplied to Tbilisi by friendly western nations, revealed an Abkhaz BUK SAM battery at a military train depot near Sukhumi, less than an hour’s transit by rail to the conflict area. When deployed, it’s Missile Engagement Zone (MEZ) will cover all of Zugdidi, effectively establishing a NFZ. Further, the bulk of Abkhazia’s most capable armored forces - 5 of its 9 T-72 tanks and several BMP-2s- have been seen moving to tactical staging areas near the border. Clearly, once the Buk SAM is in place and providing local air denial over Zugdidi, the Abkhaz army will attack to capture the city.


    You are GUNSHIP 54, the flight lead for the pair of Georgian Mi-24Ps deployed to Zugdidi Base. You are armed with 8 x ATGMs and two GUV-8700 gun-pods. Your wingman is armed with 8 x ATGMs and 40 x S-8OFP2 rockets.

    According to the most recent information available, the train carrying the Buk SAM is heading for the border. It will probably move to near the remains of the rail bridge that previously crossed the Inguri river (destroyed in the 2008 war), and deploy the SAM in that area. Finding and destroying the Buk SAM is your first priority.

    Meanwhile, the Abkhaz army is converging on Zugdidi with two forces, to trap the city in a pincer maneuver. A tank column is heading to cross the river via the Inguri bridge, on the highway between Zugdidi and Gali. A BMP force is heading towards an amphibious crossing of the river further to the south.

    A task force of Georgian Army tanks and APCs is heading to Zugdidi but will not arrive for several hours. In the mean time, your Mi-24s and the small Zugdidi garrison are the only defense for the beleaguered city.


    • Tactical Command / FARP - 129.50 MHz; R863 CH-0
    • FARP callsign “Dallas”
    • Tactical Command - “Zugdidi Base”
    • Mi-24P callsigns “Dodge 5-1; Dodge 5-2”
    • Mi-8 Callsign “Chevy 8-1”
    • Senaki AB - 132.00 MHz; R863 CH-15 (Senaki NDB 688 kHz; “B”)

    Pre Flight Checklist:

    • Begin weapons systems warm up
    • Set RWR ON; RWR Sound ON
    • Counter Measures - ON BOTH SIDES (Set I is Chaff; Sets II, III are Flare)
    • Nav Lights, Rotor Tip Lights OFF